Program Overview

At Ascendus we understand that having insurance and a financial safety net is essential to financial security. That’s why with our partners Resilient, are proud to be the first CDFI to offer you a Term Life insurance policy that you will never have to pay for. It is included – at no cost to you – with your loan.

To certify, you must fulfill the following three requirements:

  1. Eligible: Any borrower of Ascendus who receives a new loan starting 5/1/2023
  2. Enrolled: An eligible borrower who creates an account on the Resilient/Ascendus insurance website
  3. Qualified: An enrolled borrower who is current on payments and continues to make on-time repayments each month on their loan

Ascendus is providing a fully covered $50,000 term life and $50,000 AD&D insurance policy to any new borrower. You will not be asked any medical questions, take any tests, nor be asked to pay anything for the policy. To be eligible for this opportunity borrowers must apply for their loan on or after 3/1/2022. We encourage you to sign up for an account and name your beneficiary as soon as you apply for your loan, but you may enroll at any time while your loan is active.

Your insurance will begin the month following your first repayment and as long you continue to make on time payments you will continue to receive $50,000 in term life and $50,000 in AD&D coverage. Ascendus will bear the cost of the entire premium bear the cost of the entire premium for the full duration of your loan.

how it work
how it work

Missed payment

  1. If you miss a payment, will need to get current on your loan payment within 120 days or your insurance will lapse and you will no longer be covered.


  1. Gather required documents Click Here
  2. Call Resilient to initiate claims process
  3. Resilient will review, determine, request any additional documents and disburse any valid claim
how it work